PMI United Arab Emirates Chapter

Abu Dhabi Branch

Abu Dhabi Branch

Abu Dhabi is an expression of Arab city with blend of global culture and modern trends. It is the largest emirate, Abu Dhabi, accounts for 87% of the UAE's total area (67,340 square kilometers (26,000 sq. mi)). The city is recognized as a global hub for tourism, business, education and its oldest heritage.

PMI-UAE  chapter is a dynamic and sustainable community for professionals across UAE thereby enhancing the best practices to deliver agile business results.

Currently the branch members contribute approximately 25% of total strength of PMI-UAE chapter.

Further promoting the membership demography across Alain and western region, the branch alone will contribute to at least 50% of membership in UAE.
Strategizing the vision according to that of this chapter, Abu Dhabi branch is in a mission to create sustainable networking opportunities among the project management professionals across Abu Dhabi.
The community is for professionals from diverse range of sectors belonging to multi-cultural background but share a common interest with a passion for project management.

The branch thrives to serve as an inspirational platform for aspiring project management professionals for the lean development of knowledge and their career through frequent networking events with subject matter experts from most successful organizations across the region.

Head of Branch: Samar Al Mashjeri


Samar Al Mashjeri, a passionate, astute project management specialist and a proud Emirati woman spearheads our branch in Abu Dhabi. 

Samar serves as Head of strategic planning in National Archive, a federal non-profit organization which is responsible for integration and protection of the nation’s achievement and its old heritage.

Her introspective solitary thoughtfulness and analysis of people makes her well deserved to be the captain of our ship.
Her ability to command and get people on board with ideas even people who were initially on the completely different page has been inspirational.

She always believed in forward planning and strategically aligns the team with the goal from all perspectives.

Team Members:

Imad Sabounji

Dr. Tareq Al Ameri 

Fatema Al Junaibi

Musab Abubakar

Balaji Arumugam


Ahmed Al Hosani

Ameer Ali Al Mahmoud

Mahra Al Khaili



Thangaraj Ramanujam

Ishaq Al Hammadi

Amal Al Harmoodi

Fatima Al Junaibi

Abdullah Al Hyari

Zubair J. Awan

Naveen Tripati


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