Webinar - How to Project Manage You and Your Teams “Wellbeing Like a Pro”

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Melis Abacioglu is a serial entrepreneur with three major groundbreaking enterprises under her belt. Her mom recalls Melis not walking but literally running to destinations she needs to go until she was 14 years old. Even today with almost 40 years behind her, when Melis is bored she finds herself running to places. Melis is an avid reader, a persistent Harvard Business Review contributor, a Stanford University Tiny Habits coach, an entrepreneur, a mother, a keynote speaker, women rights advocate and a lover. Her startups promote equal opportunities, wellbeing, and better lifestyles or in other words create a world where everyone strives to reach their potential whilst being caring to one another. Her brainchild, "Wellbees," an employee wellbeing platform headquartered in the US with several subsidiaries around the world touches the lives of over 200K employees each day in over 80 companies and over 100 countries with a team of almost 100 bees. A Columbia University graduate with Mathematics and Art History double major, Melis is also the mom of Mila, a spitfire that runs through the house like the Tasmania Monster.




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7:10 PM – 7:55 PM

Melis Abacioglu                        

How to Project Manage Your and Your Teams' Wellbeing Like a Pro

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Date: 28 November 2023

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