As we have promised you, we have revamped all the services we provide and developed a new strategy and business model for the chapter to deliver value to all our members. The chapter has identified 6 main stakeholders to interact with and outreach to, one of our main stakeholders are the Registered Education Providers (REPs).

There are around 50 Registered Education Providers in the UAE as of today. Some of those REPs provide their services to the public, some are educational institutions, and others are leading organizations that recognize the importance of Project Management, and offer continuous training and development opportunities to their staff.

The UAE chapter recognizes the crucial role training and coaching providers play in the profession, and PMI has well-established program to qualify those providers, and ensure a certain level of delivery and knowledge at those centers. 

Stemming from their importance and to play a catalyst role in activating those REPs, the chapter has just finished plans to actively outreach and engage those providers, and seek out leading providers that are not registered to maximize the benefits to the members of the chapter, the providers themselves, and the community at large.

The chapter will engage with the providers during Q3 and finalize the plans with them and finalize agreements during Q4, where the new programs and plans can be released next year.

Please feel free to contact the chapter at to introduce yourself, provide feedback, suggestions or express interest in collaboration, especially if you are not on the list of registered REPs.